27 Signs You Go To Seattle University

Located in the Emerald City; Seattle University stands for social justice, Birkenstocks, and late-night Cave runs.

1. Your butt looks amazing when you are in school because you walk everywhere.

2. Ambulance sirens lull you to sleep every night.

3. You fondly refer to the Bistro as the “Cheese-stro”.

4. The full strength of the sun on your lily-white skin turns you into a sobbing mess.

5. This is how you reacted when SU Confessions was shut down.

6. Two words: Senior Streak

7. Destress with Dogs is one of the best days of the quarter.

8. You laugh when people ask about the football team. Undefeated since 1891. Go Redhawks!

9. You get way too excited when SU_secure finally works

10. You have written an LAL about yourself… or at least seriously considered it

11. The rain doesn’t even phase you anymore

12. Some days you just want fresh flowers, fish, vegetables, mini doughnuts and wind-up toys and you want it all from the same place.

13. Father Sundborg is nothing short of a celebrity.

14. This is how you react when someone takes the last box of sugar-covered brownie bites at C-Street.

15. You went on Search and came back a changed person.

16. You’ve never spent a moment of your life worrying about a designated driver. Your friend the Nighthawk always has your back.

17. You go to 10x more concerts than your friends because bands ALWAYS stop in Seattle.

18. The annual drag show is like a second Christmas.

19. You have no problem waiting 30 minutes in line on Milkshake Monday.

20. The words “hella” and “doe” have made their way into your everyday vocabulary.

21. Timely Warning Notifications are a regular topic of conversation.

22. You always got in Linda’s line at C-Street just so she could tell you to “have a happy day”.

23. You judged people by where they lived Freshman year…

24. Late night trips to the Cave happened far too frequently.

25. You commonly find yourself saying things like “solidarity,” “dialogue circle,” and “Ignatian”.

26. You await the Quadstock lineup announcement with anticipation usually reserved for new Ryan Gosling movies and Cupcake Royale.

27. You realize you go to the best school ever.

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