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You're A BPA Member If............

Read this article to find out if you truly are a BPA member.

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1. You're a BPA Member if..... you like to dress business professional.

Rocking your favorite business wear can really boost your confidence, and being able to rock a business outfit all day means you're able to accomplish anything as a BPA member.

2. You're a BPA member if..... you spend long nights prepping for your events.

Have you spent countless hours prepping the night before competition day? Well you are truly a BPA member. Putting in the work will get you one step closer to being a National Champ.

3. You're a BPA member if..... you're used to waiting for an elevator for 30 minutes

With what feels like thousands of people waiting for 4 elevators it can take forever for an elevator to actually show up. So, when it comes to getting to your event or anywhere, you know you need to leave 30 minutes early to show up on time.

4. You're a BPA Member if..... your feet hurt at the end of the day.

After long days of competing, taking your shoes off is the most relaxing thing to do.

5. You're a BPA member if...... DECA is your rival.

You know you have a special relationship when MN BPA and MN DECA share the same fall conference, but this close proximity can lead to some serious competition.

6. You're a BPA member if..... you're used to waiting 45 minutes to get a coffee.

Want a coffee in the morning? Make sure you wake up 45 minutes earlier because those long lines at the Hyatt are not a laughing matter.

7. You're a BPA member if..... April 1st is no joke to you.

If you want a ticket to Nationals, the April 1st Torch deadline is no joke.

8. You're a BPA member if..... your water bottles aren't BPA free.

BPA Free??? I don't think so!!! That's why your BPA team uses reusable water bottles

9. You're a BPA member if..... #goals is getting a picture with the state officers.

Your MN BPA state officers are locked and loaded for pictures with members.

10. You're a BPA member if..... you bring a pillow to the awards ceremony.

Those award ceremonies can be long and tiring but it's always fun when you hear your name called.

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