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How Bollywood And Reality Actually Compare To One Another

If you are from a Desi background, it is inevitable that you have watched a couple hundred Bollywood movies. Unfortunately, Karan Johar did not direct your life.

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Timing in real life is not as perfect.

Sometimes when we are having a good day, we just need sprawling acres of land to magically appear in the middle of a bustling city so we can express our excitement through song and dance. Unfortunately, we live in the real world where that doesn't happen, so we have to hold off on our musical number until we find such a place or learn to teleport (whichever comes first).

Just because your intentions are pure, it doesn't make you invincible.

Lets be real, just because you are the good guy does not mean that the gods will grant you with super human strength to take on the gang of gundas sent by your significant other's baba to beat the pyar out of you.


But despite its delusional sense of reality, you are genetically predisposed to love Bollywood if you are Desi.

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Every non-Desi will question your obsession with these movies, but you know that they will never understand unless they grew up on Bollywood.

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