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7 Reasons For Marriage Told By NBC's The Office

"When you're a kid, you assume your parents are soulmates." - Pam Halpert

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Our friends from Dunder Mifflin give insight to the different purposes of getting married!


It's normal today that people marry the one that they love most, but has it always been that way? Throughout history there have been many purposes for marriage other than the joining of two soulmates. The Office helps out by explaining how marriage once had, and still has, other intentions than just love.

1. Marriage is for love, of course!


Despite marriage rates being at an all-time low, modern society has an outlook of marrying for love. This is a relatively new idea as people used to marry for wealth, territorial claims, family treaties, economic stability, and as a sacrament to God. Now, everyone wants to fall in love and find their soulmate!

2. Marriage used to be for economic stability.


Before women gained rights in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, women were subject to marry a man as an economic resource. During that time men in America worked on the farms and used women in order to have children. These children were raised by the mother and expected to help around the house and the farm with chores. Women primarily cooked and cleaned, and kept having babies. This was a major reason people used to marry!

3. Marriage allows people to multiply and further the family name!


For centuries the Christian church has taught that the only acceptable place to have sex was in marriage. Marriage had three purposes in the Roman Catholic church, and one of them was to procreate. The reason procreation was a huge deal during that time is because in Genesis 9:7 of the Bible, God says, "Now be fruitful and multiply, and repopulate the earth." Seven billion people later, it's safe to say we multiplied.

4. Marriage is a sacrament to God.


The second purpose of marriage according to the Roman Catholic church is that marriage is a sacrament to God. Just like baptism, confirmation, communion, and confession, marriage fits right into this category. Marriage is a religious ceremony or act of the Christian Church that is regarded as an outward and visible sign of one's devotion to God.

5. Marriage allows people to show their commitment to one another!


The last purpose of marriage according to the Roman Catholic church is that a marriage made people less lustful and promoted the idea of fidelity. If a man and woman were allowed to have sex within the sacrament of marriage, it eliminated the urge to have sex with multiple others! (A.K.A. adultery)

6. Marriage has its legal benefits, too.


A married person is entitled to many more rights, legally. These rights are benefits to being married, which include: income tax deductions, next-of-kin status, tax-free transfer of property, social security pension, and even... joint filing of bankruptcy is permitted!

7. Marriage is planned by some families!


In some instances, neither the bride nor the groom have a say in who they marry. For instance in India, arranged marriages make up a large portion of all marriages. These marriages are arranged by the parents of the bride and the groom, and are arranged due to dowry and other economic factors. Fun Fact: women in India traditionally wear a sari during their wedding ceremony. A sari is long garment that women wear, typically draped over their shoulder.

SIDE NOTE: Marriage isn't only for straight people!


Since Obergefell v. Hodges on June 26, 2015, same-sex marriage has been legalized in all 50 states! Before the federal court case, 37 states had legalized same-sex marriage, but the remaining 13 states were forced to accept the court ruling. The Supreme Court ruled that the law was unconstitutional how it stood. Now marriage can conjoin two people of the same sex so that they too can receive the same legal benefits of a married heterosexual couple.

SIDE NOTE: Marriage isn't for everyone!


Nearly half of all Americans, who are of legal age, are not currently married. This is at an all-time high in our country's history! Women are more independent now than they ever have been, which leads to more economic stability among single people. Many individuals are satisfied with just dating one another and living an unmarried life, or some people might be widowed and choose not to remarry. Whatever the reason may be, marriage is not for everyone!

But remember... marriage isn't permanent, and marriage isn't always for love.


As much as I enjoy watching The Office (it's by far my favorite TV show), one thing that it fails to do is show how marriage is an ever changing institution! Much of the popular media today only illustrates how marriages are for love, which is typically true in the present day. However, the purpose for marriage has changed so much throughout history and it can continue to change. Besides, not everyone marries for love today anyways. Sometimes people marry for the legal benefits, some marry to please their God, and some marry because of their family. Even though I personally agree with marrying for love, I have to admit it's not the only option.

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