15 Ways To Know You Went To Syracuse University

If you went to Syracuse University, you will understand. If you do not understand, that is how you know you didn’t go there.


You “BLEED ORANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!”. Whatever that means.


You think 50 degree weather is an appropriate time to wear shorts.


You took one of the following courses: “Dynamics of Addiction”, “Love, Lust & Relationships”, “Human Sexuality”. And you made an A.


Every time you go to a Starbucks you wait for someone to call you “pretty girl”.


You know what a GDI is.


You still wear head to toe Syracuse apparel (possibly an entirely orange sweat suit) and you think it is normal.


You probably live in NYC now, most likely Murry Hill.


You spent an obscene amount of money on Vera Bradley. Why? Because they sold it in the bookstore.


You forever have bragging rights for snow and cold weather.


No matter where you are from, you know the name of every city in Long Island.


At some point you experimented with Uggs, and that is okay.


Bars with people’s first names tug at your heart strings.


You will always ask people “were you in a house?”, and you will always be met with a puzzled look, as that is not how anyone else asks if you were in a sorority and if so, which one.


You will always say your favorite sport is college basketball, even if it is not.


During the Big East tournament you will start to brag and you will fill out a bracket, even though you don’t know one rule about the game.

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