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    26 Hummus Recipes That Prove Homemade Is Better Than Store-Bought

    Don't leave those pita chips hanging.

    1. Sweet Pea Hummus

    2. Simple Homemade Hummus

    3. Avocado Hummus

    4. Red Pepper Hummus

    5. Cilantro Jalapeño Hummus

    6. Buffalo Hummus

    7. Cucumber Hummus with Dill

    8. Black Bean Hummus with Lime and Cumin

    9. Roasted Garlic Hummus

    10. Pesto Hummus

    11. Sun-Dried Tomato Cilantro Hummus

    12. Red Beet and White Bean Hummus

    13. Roasted Fennel Hummus

    14. Roasted Horseradish Hummus

    15. Spinach Artichoke Hummus

    16. Black Olive Hummus

    17. Sriracha Hummus

    18. Caramelized Onion Hummus

    19. Smokey Carrot Hummus

    20. Lemon Artichoke Hummus

    21. Sweet Corn and Roasted Jalapeño Hummus

    22. Smoky Sweet Potato Hummus

    23. Pumpkin Hummus

    24. Edamame Hummus

    25. Sweet Cinnamon Hummus

    26. Chocolate Hummus