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18 Times Sam Claflin Proved He Was The Most Adorable Person Ever

Yes, I'll have a sugar cube.

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1. When he made this super confused, but adorable face.

2. When he and his wife Laura Haddock looked incredibly precious together.

Dave M. Benett / Getty Images

3. Or when he made this adorable face.

Carlos Alvarez / Getty Images

4. When he teamed up with Natalie Dormer at the BAFTA Awards.

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

5. When he danced in the rain with Josh Hutcherson at the Catching Fire premiere.

6. When he wore this onesie.

7. When he made this face.

8. When he showed the world how to causally shave.

9. When he channeled his inner Finnick.

10. When he made this face at Lily Collins.

11. When he did the ice bucket challenge in a winter hat and scarf.

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Sam Claflin / Via

12. When Finnick and Gale hung out on the red carpet and had a good time together.

STAN HONDA / Getty Images

13. That time he did this weird thing with his arms.

14. When he danced while filming Catching Fire.

15. When he squished his face during an interview.

16. That time he did whatever this was.

17. Or when he played with his super cute dog.
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