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    16 Times Tumblr Was Hilarious About "The Hunger Games"

    That is Mahogany!

    1. When Effie pulled this out during The Reaping.

    2. When Katniss tried out a new look.

    3. When Peeta explored his musical roots.

    4. When Seneca Crane realized his worst fear.

    5. When The Hunger Games collided perfectly with SpongeBob.

    6. When Katniss expressed how every student feels.

    7. This uncanny comparison.

    8. When Katniss and Peeta decided to trade places.

    9. This District 13 and Mean Girls mashup.

    10. When Finnick and Johanna explored being a couple.

    11. When Katniss spoke about her true feelings.

    12. When Katniss and Peeta couldn't agree on what to watch.

    13. When Katniss became the newest member of the #squad.

    14. This tribute to Frozen.

    15. When Snow expressed his love for the winter.

    16. And finally, when JLaw bragged a little bit...