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14 Fall Themed Crafts That'll Get You Hyped For Fall

Cozy on up and get crafting!

1. Paint some ombre wine bottles.


As if you needed another reason to drink more wine. Find instructions here.

2. Make a tie-dye pumpkin!

craftymorning / Via

Upgrade that classic Jack O' Lantern. Find out more here.

3. Turn a Mason Jar into a glowing fall themed candle.

Kathy Woodard / Via

Rake those leaves for a purpose! Find out how to make these candles here.

4. Make a creative fall chalkboard sign.

Liz / Via

Bring the rustic vibe inside with this super easy chalkboard DIY. Find out more here.

5. Make a pumpkin tower.

Better Homes and Gardens / Via

Stacks on stacks on stacks. Find out more here.

6. Turn some fabric into acorn coasters.

Leslie / Via

A perfect coaster for your pumpkin spice latte. Find instructions here.

7. Use Mod Podge to create a fall themed bowl.

thekrazycouponlady / Via

Perfect for Halloween candy! Instructions here.

8. Whip up a batch of fall themed sugar scrub.

Heidi / Via

Your hands will thank you. Find out more here.

9. Make a festive wreath with some acorns.


Find out how to make it here.

10. Repurpose those canning jar lids to create a super cute pumpkin.

Kristin / Via

And it's SO easy to make. Find out more here.

11. Bring the scents of autumn into your home.

Heidi / Via

For the pumpkin spice lovers. Find out more here.

12. Keep the sunlight in with these leaf suncatchers.

Stephanie Morgan / Via

The kids will love this one. Find the instructions here.

13. Make a scarecrow magnet for the fridge.


Super simple and super cute. Find out how to make it here.

14. Make a classy silhouette leaf canvas to hang on the walls.

Skaie Knox / Via

Spray paint goes a long way. Find out more here.

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