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How In Touch Are You With Your Inner Child?

"My childhood may be over, but that doesn't mean playtime is." Ron Olson

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  1. 1. How many of these things would you do right now?

    Play on a swingset?
    Blow bubbles?
    Color in a coloring book?
    With crayons?
    Go to town on some bubble wrap?
    Build a sand castle?
    Have a skipping race?
    Skip in general?
    Get a kids' meal?
    Be excited about the kids' meal toy?
    Actually play with the kids' meal toy?
    Build a snowman?
    Cut the crusts off your PB&J?
    Use a bendy straw instead of a normal one?
    Be too giddy to sleep on Christmas Eve?
    Eat Lunchables or Kids' Cuisine?
    Actually enjoy Lunchables or Kids' Cuisine?
    Blow spit balls?
    Make paper airplanes?
    Have a paper airplane race?
    Paint your nails every color of the rainbow?
    Catch snowflakes on your tongue?
    Have a bubble bath?
    Write with rainbow gel pens?
    Sit criss-cross applesauce?
    Play on a bouncy house?
    Skip dinner and go straight for dessert?
    Jump in a pile of leaves?
    Use your clothes as a napkin?
    Sleep with a stuffed animal?
    Sleep with multiple stuffed animals?
    Sleep with ALL your stuffed animals so none feel left out?
    Chase the ice cream truck?
    Avoid stepping on cracks to keep your mom's back unbroken?
    Cross your fingers when you lie?
    Think that blankets will keep all the monsters away?
    Pee in the pool?
    "Run away" but only make it down the street?
    Build a pillow/blanket fort?
    Giggle when someone says "duty?"
    Lick cake batter off the spoon?
    Eat raw cookie dough?
    Make friendship bracelets?
    Get in a water balloon fight?
    Sing Disney songs in the shower?
    Sing Disney songs in public?
    Go to Disney World and ride all the rides?
    Go to Disney World and wear Mickey Mouse Ears?
    Have a pen-pal?
    Push stuff under your bed or in the closet instead of properly cleaning?
    Blow your allowance on candy and toys?
    Binge watch Disney films on Netflix?
    Play hopscotch?
    Cover your eyes during scary parts of a film?
    Say "eeeewwwwww" during loves scenes in films?
    Turn large boxes into forts, spaceships, or whatever else you can imagine?
    Make a Christmas list?
    Write a letter to Santa?
    Go see Santa at the mall?
    Make snow angels?
    Wear a blanket like a cape?
    Get your face painted?
    Decorate your sidewalk/driveway with chalk?
    Jump in rain puddles?
    Insist that you will never, ever grow up?

How In Touch Are You With Your Inner Child?

Oh, my! While being serious can be good, it looks like your inner child has gotten a bit lost. Take some advice from Ward Cleaver: "You're never too old to do goofy stuff." Go have some FUN!

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It was Woody Harrelson who said, "An adult is a child with layers on," and that's certainly true for you! Your inner child might be getting a bit buried, so peel back those layers and let loose every now and then!

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While you might have allowed yourself to mature a bit, you're still hanging on to your inner child- and that's totally awesome! As Rebecca Pepper Sinkler said, "The reluctance to put away childish things may be a requirement of genius."

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Whoo hoo! Your inner child is alive and well! As Mencius said, "The great man is he who does not lose his child's heart." And guess what? You're great!

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