29 Times Niall Horan Was Utterly Adorable

Is this little leprechaun the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

1. When he winked excitedly:

2. And when he winked seductively:

3. When he was younger and still had braces:

4. When he and Zayn were having so much fun:

6. When he was the real deal:

Yes, you certainly are, Niall.

7. When he showed off his strength:

8. When he cracked up on stage:

9. When he blinked like this:

10. When this hair flip happened:

Stealing some moves from Harry, are you?

11. When he dealt with someone brushing his eyes:

12. When this selfie happened:

You can watch it on TWO SCREENS: yours AND his. Magic.

13. When he loved his fans:


14. When he gazed serenely at the crowd:

15. Basically anytime he smiled:

16. When he looked effortlessly cool:

17. When he played guitar:

And his hair was FLAWLESS.

18. When he walked in slow-motion:

And looked amazing in dark blue.

19. When he sang (I mean, obviously):

20. When he bit his nails with an intent gaze:

And his eyes were hella blue.

21. When he giggled in the cutest way possible:

22. When he did whatever he is doing here:

23. When he was on stage and magic happened:

Pyrotechnics FTW.

24. When he danced with his band mates:

25. When he (kind of) wore a sombrero and shutter shades:

26. When he kind of stole Harry’s hair and looked euphoric:

27. When he was in the bath:

And had a shaving-cream beard.

28. When he gave very sound advice:

Well, if you say so…

29. And when he did pretty much anything else:

Including hold a puppy.

Special snowflake. :)

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