29 Times Liam Payne Was Overwhelmingly Charming

It paynes me how cute he is. And that is a terrible pun.

1. When he gave this leaf-covered greeting:

Hello, yourself, love.

2. When he had classic Bieber hair and made this face:

3. When he laughed heartily:

Perfect smile. PERFECT.

4. When he showed off his muscles:

5. When he made these flawless faces to camera:

Never has the “Not bad” face been this gorgeous.

6. When he exhibited his special talent:

7. When he was super duper excited:


8. When he blew this kiss:

Plus a guitar? Swoon.

9. When he was scruffy and beautiful:

10. When he made this kissy face:

And his hair was channeling Harry Styles.

11. Anytime he sang. I mean, have you heard him sing?

12. When he appreciated his own rear:

13. When he Simba’d a puppy:

It’s the ciiiiiiiiiirclleeee of cuuuuuuuuuuttteeee.

Really, all the times he interacted with puppies:

14. When he was coronated with jingle bells:

I hope they were crowning him King of Perfection.

15. When he was hit in the face with various things:


16. When he played the piano:

One Direction / Via ohsowhoran.tumblr.com

17. When he quoted High School Musical:

He should totally play Troy if they ever put HSM on Broadway.

18. When he was adorably goofy on stage:

19. When this wink happened:

He’s a card-carrying member of the Perfect Hair Club, too.

20. When he gave the cutest thumbs up ever:

Thumbs up to you, as well, dear!

21. When he had the best crinkly-eyed smile:

Those tattoos <3

22. When he danced around with Zayn:

23. When he had this precious reaction to breaking teacups:

24. When he played air guitar on his microphone:

And there was nothing suggestive about its positioning at all.

25. When he made a perfect puppy face:

26. When he had banana squished onto his face:

One Direction / Via tumblr.com

27. When he pantsed Harry:

Liam, you goofy goober, you.

28. When he did this little shimmy:

29. And every single other time he was his adorable self:

You are a shining star, Mr. Payne.

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