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    29 Times Harry Styles Was Actually The Cutest

    A+ for your existence, dear sir.

    1. When he smiled like this:

    And like this:

    And like this:

    2. When his eyes did this:


    And he smiled again.

    And this:

    3. When his hair was doing this:


    What even is your hair doing, Harry? What even?

    4. When he waved at the camera:


    5. When he sang:

    Literally anytime he sang:


    He sings like a damn dream mixed with a rocker boy. It's magical.

    6. When his brow furrowed and everything was gorgeous:

    7. When he leaned casually on Zayn's shoulder:


    And his shirt was only halfway buttoned.

    8. When this face happened:

    And this one:

    And this one:

    9. When he voiced everyone's current feelings:



    10. When he swiftly styled his hair:


    And licked his lips simultaneously.

    11. When he was a perfect walrus:

    12. When he looked like the biggest sweetie ever:

    13. When his stage presence was top-notch:


    Serious to silly in .02 seconds.

    14. When he twerked in the general vicinity of Darren Criss:


    And Ed Sheeran couldn't contain himself.

    15. When he bit his lip:

    16. When he poured water over his head:

    17. When he looked like the world's most perfect tourist:

    18. When this happened:

    19. When he cuddled a teddy bear:



    20. When he made this leap of faith:

    21. When he did push-ups:


    And his hair STILL looked perfect.

    22. When he jumped like this:


    Harry Styles, prima ballerina.

    23. When he settled this flower crown on his beautiful head:

    24. When he wasn't feeling fabulous (but was fabulous anyways):

    25. When he wore this pink beanie:


    Even though it hid his glorious lion's mane from the world.

    26. When he was kind of almost naked:

    27. When he was in a pool but also fully dressed:

    28. When he showed off his dancing skills:


    Much fancy. Such dance-y.


    Some sweet moves you got there, Harry.

    29. And when he did pretty much anything else:

    Never change, Harry. Never change.

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