29 Reasons You Wish Mindy Lahiri Was Your Big Sister

Because, hello, she’d be amazing at it.

1. She knows how to handle jerky people:

Which means she’d always provide you with the perfect burn.

2. She’s well-versed in politics:

And she’d share that knowledge (and, hopefully, those chicken wings) with you.

3. She’s an expert on friendship:

Fox / Via andpop.com

And would advise you on yours.

4. She’s optimistic about the future:

Fox / Via rebloggy.com

And would guide you into your own.

5. She’s got great taste in music:

Fox / Via rebloggy.com

Her playlists would be amazing.

6. She knows the importance of a bad-ass alter ego:

Fox / Via andpop.com

She’d definitely help you find your warrior name.

7. She knows how to talk to men:


She’d give you some great pick-up (and break-up) lines.

8. She knows how to handle heartbreak:

She’d be the first one at the door with ice cream and stupid movies.

9. She knows how to handle embarrassment:

She’d know how to deal with every humiliating moment.

10. She’s an expert on food:

Going to restaurants with her would be awesome.

11. She knows how to prioritize:

She’d make sure you know what’s important (internet) and what can wait (partying).

12. She is an expert on body types:

She’d give you confidence about yours AND fashion advice for what best fits it.

13. She knows how to handle an insult:

AGAIN- more amazing comebacks.

14. She can deal with kids:

Fox / Via tumblr.com

Hello, perfect aunt someday!

15. She’s up to date on pop culture:

AKA best trivia night partner ever.

16. She’s confident:

And she’d help you realize how freakin’ awesome you are.

17. She knows where and what to look for in a man:

She’d know so many tips and tricks for the dating game.

18. She handles drama like a pro:

She’d be impervious to excess bullshit.

19. She’s a film buff:

So she’d have the best movie nights.

Fox / Via offcolortv.com

She’d hopefully infuse you with some of her sass.

21. She’s smart:

Which means she’d help you with your homework while you’re in school and, once you’re done with school, again: trivia night partner, duh.

22. She calls out society on its bullshit:

Fox / Via offcolortv.com

She’d make sure you didn’t fall prey to it.

23. She has her ups and downs, too:

Which means she’d recognize and help you through yours.

24. She admits that she has faults:

Which means she’d accept yours.

25. She’s in to fitness:

Hello- GREAT workout buddy.

26. She gives credit when credit is due:

Which means she’d always congratulate you on achievements!

27. She knows what it’s like to get a disastrous makeover:

So she’d always recommend great salons.

28. She knows when enough is enough:

Fox / Via mayanrocks.com

Which means she’d tell you when you need to move on.

29. And, okay, OBVIOUSLY her style is on point:

Girl better SHARE!

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