26 Signs Schmidt From “New Girl” Should Be Your New Best Friend

Wait — you can’t find your driving moccasins either? BESTIES!

1. Do you know what’s wrong with the world? So does Schmidt!

FOX / Via tvovermind.com

The two of you would be the voices of reason in your friend group.

2. Do you fully admit that you’re damn awesome? Perfect!

It’d be a constant confidence party if the two of you were friends!

3. But do you also sometimes you do need reassurance? No biggie!

That would be another plus of being best friends: you’d always reassure each other of how flawless you both are!

4. Are you ever lonely? Well, you’re not the only one!

If you’re BFFs, you’ll always be there to keep each other company!

5. Are you very curious? Awesome!

FOX / Via weheartit.com

You and Schmidt would have the best time gossiping because you’d always know everyone else’s business.

6. Are you a killer dancer? Hell yes!

FOX / Via imgur.com

The pair of you would be unstoppable in the club.

7. Are you an absolute master of sass? Join the club!

Admittedly, any argument would be the attitude showdown of the year. But of course you’d make up super fast because, hello, besties.

8. Can you take a compliment? Whoo!

FOX / Via tvovermind.com

Brush up those compliment-accepting skills, ‘cause you’re bound to get a lot of them with Schmidt as a best friend!

9. Are you super fashionable? You better be!

BFF shopping trips would be AH-MAZING.

10. Are you a tortured soul? Wonderful!

You could share in each other’s angst.

11. Do you love a good scandal? Excellent!

Again- the gossiping would be incredible. SO SCANDY.

12. Are you not a fan of youths? You’re not alone!

FOX / Via celebquote.com

You know you’d hold each other back if any youths got too up in your face.

13. Do you refuse defeat? Fantastic!

FOX / Via wonderzine.com

Direct quote, Scott Caan.
You’d be an unstoppable team of success!

14. Have you made some questionable choices? Don’t worry!

FOX / Via google.com

Schmidt would totes help you get past your mistakes- after all, he has made some as well!

15. Are you up to date on pop culture? Swaggy!

The two of you would SO win the Iron Throne.

16. Do your friends come to you for advice? Fabulous!

FOX / Via google.com

You’d be like two wise, attractive owls.

17. Can you be a bit immature? Of course you can!

FOX / Via tumblr.com

You and Schmidt would have the best light-hearted, teasing banter!

18. Do you know exactly what you want? Magnificent!

FOX / Via rebloggy.com

There would be no beating around the bush in your friendship- you’d get straight to the point!

19. Are you sensitive? Superb!

FOX / Via newscastic.com

You’d always have a shoulder to cry on (and/or with)!

20. Are you insightful? Naturally!

The two of you would be able to make sense of this insane world.

21. Do you know how the sex works? Let’s hope so!

FOX / Via weheartit.com

You’d be able to have informed (and mature?) discussions/dish sessions.

22. Do you live for the weekend? Boom!

Gotta get down on Friday. And, boy, would the two of you get down.

23. Are you highly cultured? Bien sûr*!

*The two of you would definitely know that that means ‘of course.’

24. Are you a connoisseur of analogies? Delightful!

FOX / Via picstopin.com

Your conversations would be positively rife with figurative language.

25. Are you proud of your culture? Damn straight!

Your dynamic duo would be known for repping your roots with hella pride.

26. And, last but never least, are you a total BAMF? YOU BETCHA!

That pretty much settles it: you and Schmidt are meant to be.

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