25 Superb Scarves For The Fashionable Fangirl

Hey now, hey now— this is what (nerdgirl) dreams are made of!

1. The Lord of the Rings

This scarf features the script from the One Ring.

Available on Etsy!

2. The Avengers

Cute cartoon Avengers? There aren’t enough languages with which to say “YES!”

Available on Etsy!

3. Breaking Bad

Express your love for the recently-deceased Breaking Bad. (Come back to us, BB)!

Available on Etsy!

4. Supernatural

Demons would be too awestruck of this scarf to bother you.

Available on Etsy!

5. Star Wars

Good ol’ R2.

Available on Etsy!

6. The Chronicles of Narnia

Aslan approves.

Available on Etsy!

7. Dexter

‘Cause who wouldn’t want to wear a bloodstain-patterned scarf? I mean, can you say badass?

Available on Etsy!

8. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Join the Whedonverse.

Available on Etsy!

9. Sherlock

Tide yourself over until Series 4 (please come out soon!) with this scarf.

Available on Etsy!

10. Loki


Available on Etsy!

11. Doctor Who

Maybe the Doctor will choose you as his companion if you’re wearing this!

Available on Etsy!

12. Marvel Universe

Bam. Instant awesomeness.

Available on Etsy!

13. The Hobbit

This scarf will keep you warm when you go there and back again.

Available on Etsy!

14. Disney

Support the villains with this scarf.

Available on Etsy!

15. Despicable Me


Available on Etsy!

17. Game of Thrones

A scarf fit for whoever sits upon the Iron Throne.

Available on Etsy!

18. Star Trek

Live long and prosper (while wearing this scarf).

Available on Etsy!

19. Winnie the Pooh

Guaranteed to make you feel like a big sweetie.

Available on Etsy!

20. Divergent

Why join one faction when you can wear all five?

Available on Etsy!

21. Adventure Time

Wouldn’t you totally want to go on some crazy adventures in this scarf?

Available on Etsy!

22. SuperWhoLock

For those of you who don’t know, that’s Supernatural + Doctor Who + Sherlock. The golden trifecta.

Available on Etsy!

23. Wonder Woman

You’ll be 10x more badass when you wear this scarf. Fact.

Available on Etsy!

24. Legend of Zelda

8-Bit Link. Enough said.

Available on Etsy!

25. Harry Potter


Available on Etsy:

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