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23 Adorable Dogs Who Are Just Too Tired To Deal With Monday

Why can't Mondays be for sleeping?

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1. This pup who was just looking for a place to rest his head.

2. This doggy who has no qualms about foot odor.

3. This sweet thing that decided to go "bowl"-ing.

4. This fluff-monster who needed a nap in the middle of hide-and-seek.

5. This buddy who couldn't even get the water on before nodding off.

6. This fellow who couldn't pass up a perfectly-sized box.

7. This darling who was going for the remote when sleepiness struck.

8. These pals who lend a hand — or neck — whenever they can.

9. This baby who didn't want anyone to steal his food while he slept.

10. These cuties who know that those who nap together, stay together.

11. This adorable trio who put their differences aside in the name of napping.

12. These fuzz-balls whose yoga work-out was too much to handle.

13. This baby who fell asleep during his contortionist training.

14. This little puppy whose rope toy just tired him out.

15. This big guy whose bed just wasn't cutting it.

16. This heartbreaker who knows that a good desk drawer beats any cushion.

17. This angel who knows what video games are really good for.

18. This sweetheart who was just trying to find his lighting.

19. This impossibly tiny cutie spending quality time with his human friend.

20. This dear who knows that gardening can wait.

21. This precious pup who is using your treadmill so you don't have to.


22. This baby puppy who naps when his mama naps.


23. And this adorable goober who will do anything to be comfortable.


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