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21 Times #GrowingUpAGirl Got Way, Way Too Real

Calling out society's bullshit one hashtag at a time.

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1. That uncomfortable moment when...

#GrowingUpAGirl when you're walking alone by a group of guys and one of them shouts at u

2. ...and when you're supposed to be "thankful" for the "compliment."

#GrowingUpAGirl walking past boys and then one whistles at you

3. Being told that a strap of fabric is "inappropriate."

#GrowingUpAGirl being told your bra strap is showing when

4. Making this face way too many times.

#GrowingUpAGirl "you can't wear that" "you can't do that" "it's because he's a boy" "that's not lady like"


5. Being a lady technically makes everything you do "ladylike."

#GrowingUpAGirl when someone tells you something you're doing isn't "ladylike"

6. On NOT living for the male gaze.

#GrowingUpAGirl "why are you all dolled up who are you trying to impress"

7. "Girls can't possibly have valid negative feelings and opinions, so it must be the hormones."

she's just mad cause she's on her period #GrowingUpAGirl

#growingupagirl getting asked if you're on ur period whenever u get annoyed about something


8. Being policed every which way.

#GrowingUpAGirl "Your bra strap is showing" "Those shorts are too short" "You're wearing too much makeup"

9. When people feel the need to comment on every aspect of girls' appearances.

" you are ugly without makeup" " you are ugly with makeup" " stop being fake and try to be natural" #GrowingUpAGirl

*wears makeup* "you look so pretty without makeup you don't need it" *doesn't wear makeup* "are you ok? you look sick" #GrowingUpAGirl

10. Putting up with sexist bullshit every day.

"girls don't do that" "learn to cook" "that's not lady like" "is it your time of the month" #GrowingUpAGirl


11. When "like a girl" is inexplicably used as an insult.

#GrowingUpAGirl "you hit like a girl" "you cry like a girl" well im a girl what did you expected from me to act as an elephant or

12. Another healthy dose of sexist bullshit.

#GrowingUpAGirl Teacher: I need someone to carry these Me: *raises hand* Teacher: Only boys. They are the strongest

13. And another dose for good measure.

#GrowingUpAGirl "Girls shouldn't smoke" "Girls shouldn't have tattoos" "Girls shouldn't play predominantly male sports" "Girls are weak"

14. Being taught it's your fault if something happens to you because "you weren't being careful enough."

"keep an eye on your drink when you're out" "don't walk home on your own" "don't wear such revealing clothing" thanks lads #GrowingUpAGirl


15. Even more policing of everything you do. Fun.

"Sit with your legs closed" "Stop cussing its unlady like" "Cover your bra strap" "Show less skin" #GrowingUpAGirl

16. Anytime the bullshit excuse "boys will be boys" is used.

#GrowingUpAGirl "boys will be boys you cant wear shorts & tank tops"

17. Clothes do not mean "come and get me."

#GrowingUpAGirl i can't wear certain clothes or express myself in fashion because i might get raped and murdered

18. Being blamed when OTHERS can't control themselves.

#GrowingUpAGirl 'You're not going out wearing that.' Because obviously young girls in skirts are the problem. Not the men sexualising them.


19. Trying to squeeze into society's mould of "perfection."

Comparing yourself to "perfect" women on tv and in magazines then putting yourself down bc u feel ugly #GrowingUpAGirl

20. This.


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