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21 Everyday Frustrations Bilinguals Will Understand

Now, which language do I write this post in again...?

1. Needing a word in one language but only being able to think of it in the other.

2. Accidentally speaking the wrong language.

3. Having to speak in one language after you haven't used it in ages.

4. "Ooooh! Say something in [insert language here]!!!"

5. "OMG! Teach me [insert language here]!"

6. "Will you pleeeease do my [insert language here] homework? Since you're an expert and all."

7. Being the automatic translator whenever anything in your language is present: people, films, books, the translations of nutrition facts on food labels, etc...

8. Having people assume that, since you know one foreign language, you can therefore help them with any given language, no matter what it is.

9. Accidentally changing language mid-sentence.

10. Autcorrect. Just, autocorrect.

11. Trying to tell really funny jokes from one language and having them fall flat because the humor gets lost in translation.

12. Thinking something through in one language and then having to say it in the other.

13. Reading one language as if it were the other and being totally confused when it makes no sense.

14. When you try to impress someone with your bilingualism but they couldn't care less.

15. Anything to do with accents: sounding American when you speak your foreign language, sounding foreign when you speak English, getting accents mixed up, etc. It's a struggle.

16. When you visit wherever your "foreign" language is spoken and can't understand a single word of any of the slang.

17. When someone thinks they speak your language perfectly even though they only had, like, one semester of it in high school but they insist on using it anyways and it's awful.

18. Accidentally trying to use foreign words in Scrabble/Words with Friends.

19. Getting grammar rules mixed up.

20. Knowing the subtitles for foreign-language characters in films are horribly wrong.

21. IDIOMS. They never translate between languages, and languages don't really share idioms.