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20 Tumblr Posts Only True Alien Enthusiasts Will Understand

We know they're out there.

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1. Don't hold out on us, NASA!

2. You, too, government.

3. Aliens, we promise we're cool.

4. We love you.

5. Like, we really love you.

6. We do weird stuff, but we won't hurt you!


8. Or the president doesn't know?

9. Green Day got it a teensy bit wrong...

10. This is life or death, people.

11. We just want to hang.

12. We can have a serious party.

13. Don't be so sneaky, yo!

14. TBH, you don't even seem that scary.

15. We want to believe SO BADLY.

16. I mean, that was definitely a UFO.

17. Maybe you can help us be better.

18. We're going to reverse-psychology you, aliens!

19. Help us, Bernie Sanders — you're our only hope.

20. We are so 👽.

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