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19 Times Tumblr Got Serious About The Struggles Of Women In Our Society

"Feminist: a person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes." — Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

1. When it reminded us that women's bodies are natural, too:

2. When it reminded us not to judge books by their covers:

3. When it pointed out that not everyone experiences adversity in the same way:

4. When it reminded us that it is NOT the victim's fault:

5. When it taught us to question what we've been conditioned to think:

6. When it laid down the law about consent:

7. When it shared a take on #NotAllMen:

8. When it reaffirmed that women can do what they damn well please:

9. When it fought back against Hollywood tropes:

10. When it got passionate about the correlation between gender and intelligence*:

*Hint: there really isn't one.

11. When it offered a bleak look at a woman's daily life:

12. When it questioned society's attack on self-esteem:

13. When it made it explicitly clear that women don't have to subscribe to anyone's expectations but their own:

14. When it laid it down that makeup isn't for anyone but the wearer:

15. When it reminded us all that some things should go both ways or no ways:

16. When it exposed a major double standard:

17. When it made no bones about the sentiment behind the violence:

18. When it reminded us all that, just because we might not have personal experience with a problem, it doesn't mean someone else isn't enduring it every day:

19. When it pulled a "checkmate" in the game of "who's had it worse?:"