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    19 Problems Only Disney Princesses Will Understand

    They got one more, one more problem.

    1. When your custom-made shoes won't stay on.

    2. Only having one outfit.

    3. What if you don't speak animal?

    4. You can't even see the lanterns on your birthday.

    5. Your step-mother is probably a complete bitch.

    6. And your father is totally controlling.

    7. Animals show up when you sing.

    8. All these bitches keep putting spells on you.

    9. That awkward moment when you can only find nineteen of your thingamabobs.

    10. Having everything gets tiresome.

    11. You can't remember which Prince Charming is which.

    12. The hair expectations are UNREAL.

    13. People want you to get married at, like, sixteen.

    14. People sing about you behind your back.

    15. Sometimes you have to, like, save all of China.

    16. Tower living is so over-rated.

    17. Sea shell bras are torture.

    18. You have to clean up after your roommates.

    19. What if you can't sing?