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    Posted on Dec 15, 2014

    19 Hilarious Vines That Perfectly Sum Up How Finals Week Feels

    Must... keep... going.

    1. When you're still in denial that finals are here... / Via

    2. When you just know your professors are out to get you... / Via

    3. When you face the reality that studying must occur... / Via

    4. Your perpetual inner monologue... / Via

    5. When you first sit down to study... / Via

    6. When you have to question why finals are even a thing... / Via

    7. When you get distracted and start daydreaming... / Via

    8. When you try to get serious... / Via

    9. When you'll do whatever it takes... / Via

    10. When you try to pretend like everything is okay... / Via

    11. When you reach your breaking point... / Via

    12. When you're so stressed that you lose the ability of rational thought.... / Via

    13. When you straight-up give up... / Via

    14. When you get to the testing room... / Via

    15. When you sit down for your hardest exam... / Via

    16. When you walk out of your last exam... / Via

    17. When you feel on top of the world because you're DONE... / Via

    18. When you're just so happy that you made it... / Via

    19. When you're ready to ditch the textbooks and cut loose... / Via
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