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17 Times Tumblr Showed Its Love For Steve Buscemi

The king of Tumblr stands alone.

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1. Steve is a fairytale prince.

2. And he's canonized, apparently.

3. He will always be your valentine.

4. And he will ALWAYS be there for you.

5. He might be your dirty little secret.

6. Or even your darkest fantasy.

7. Steve cheers you up.

8. He makes you feel beautiful.

9. Whether you know it or not, he's a huge part of your life.

10. Steve Baescemi.

11. If you're a Leo or an Aquarius, you ARE Steve Buscemi.

12. Buscemi 2016!

13. Steve thinks you're pretty darn cool.

14. Steve is here to inspire you.

15. Which Steve are you?

16. STEVE.


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