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17 Times Demi Lovato Was A Badass Role Model For Women Everywhere

"Go on and try to tear me down, I will be rising from the ground like a skyscraper."

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1. When she stood for self love:

2. When she knew that she didn't have to be anything but herself:

3. When she wouldn't apologize for her ups and downs:

4. When she refused to bend to what society said she should be:

5. When she reminded people everywhere to never, ever give up:

6. When she kept fighting through adversity:


7. When she preached that you don't have to be society's idea of perfect to be loved:


8. When she was adamant about not letting other people decide who are you are:

9. When she was confident as hell in her body:

10. When she called for society to change its standards of beauty:

Warner Bros. Television Distribution / Via

11. When she told us all that it's okay to be broken:

12. When she was all about not letting the haters get you down:

Syco Entertainment / Via
Secret Mean Stinks / Via

13. When she was a huge supporter of living for yourself:

14. When she wanted everyone to feel good about themselves:

15. When she didn't want anyone to suffer alone:

16. When she was vocal about happiness and love starting with yourself:

17. When she reminded us all that there is always hope:

Keep on being the amazing woman you are, Demi!

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