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18 Times #GrowingUpTheOldestChild Was Way Too Real

You were here first, you call the shots.

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1. Whenever you heard this classic line.

#growinguptheoldestMom: I expected more from you

2. Those super fun judgmental stares.

#GrowingUpTheOldestChild being looked at as a teen mom when having a younger sibling with you in public

#GrowingUpTheOldestChild getting dirty looks from old women when I'm in public with my younger siblings because they assume I'm a teen mom

3. Catching on to your parents' bull:

#growinguptheoldest When your younger sibling gets to do everything at an earlier age and you had to wait

4. The struggle of being the default, unpaid babysitter:

#GrowingUpTheOldestChild "I need you to stay home and watch your siblings"

5. When everything you've ever done is somehow wrong.

#growinguptheoldestchild being criticized for everything you do because you're suppose to set a "good" example

6. And all bad behavior is somehow your fault.

#growinguptheoldestchild getting that "they are going to follow your footsteps" speech when you do something bad

7. When your siblings weren't into your impromptu parenting skills.

#GrowingUpTheOldest hearing "you're not the boss" every time you babysit

8. Those few golden privileges.

#GrowingUpTheOldestChild always getting front seat until they think they're old enough and try to take the only good thing you have left

9. Being the official chauffeur once you got your license.

#GrowingUpTheOldestChild having to drive your sibling everywhere and picking up their friends :-)

10. Having to just shrug this off when you were actually furious inside.

#GrowingUpTheOldestChild when your parents are more lenient towards your younger siblings 😛

11. Realizing you were pretty much an experiment.

#GrowingUpTheOldestChild being the guinea pig for all the rules & always getting punished for things your siblings never will

12. How everyday was a battle.

#GrowingUpTheOldestChild your younger siblings teaming up on you to try and annoy you.

13. Really, though.

#growinguptheoldestchild when your little sibling starts to cry and blame you for something you didn't do .-.

14. But if you engaged, you were at fault.

#GrowingUpTheOldestChild *brother hits me so I hit him back* mom: "DONT HIT YOUR BROTHER" oh ok mom

#GrowingUpTheOldestChild "Are you really fighting with him. YOURE OLDER act like it. "

15. No plans were ever guaranteed to be set in stone.

#growinguptheoldestchild having to ruin your plans bc you have to babysit

#growinguptheoldestchild having to cancel plans last minute bc mom has to go out and she needs someone to watch the other kids

16. Extra chores literally just became "chores."

#GrowingUpTheOldestChild 'do the dishes because your sibling is too young'

17. When all doors were open doors.

#GrowingUpTheOldestChild what's privacy?🚫

18. And your whole life can be summed up in one word: pressure.

#growinguptheoldestchild tbh I felt like I had to mature and be responsible at a earlier age

#GrowingUpTheOldestChild the pressure of having to be the perfect human example for ur younger siblings

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