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17 Important Life Lessons We Learned From Patrick Star

First things first: it's totally okay if you can't see your forehead.

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1. It's important to take some time off.

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It's good to take breaks.

2. People are hella complicated.

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And it's totally normal to understand yourself even less than you understand others.

3. Break-ups hurt.

Nevertheless, revenge might not be your best choice of retaliation.
Nickelodeon / Via

Nevertheless, revenge might not be your best choice of retaliation.

4. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

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Don't feel like you have to stay confused.

5. YOU control what you see in the mirror.

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Keep that self esteem up 'cause YOU ARE AWESOME.

6. Let loose every once in a while!

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Have some fun!

7. Flirting can happen in many ways.

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Think outside the box!

8. Dance it out.

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It's a great way to loosen up (and it's fun)!

9. Be confident.

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But not cocky. That's Squidward's territory.

10. Spread love, not hate.

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Remember the Golden Rule!*

*Treat others as you want to be treated.

11. Think before you speak.

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Don't blurt out something that you'll immediately regret.

12. Be a team player.

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There's no "u" in "team."

13. Be fabulous.

Nickelodeon / Via*shop*shell*funny-patrick-star-quotes-i15.jpg

As Lady Gaga says, "Don't be a drag, just be a queen."

14. It's important to eat a balanced diet.

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You want to survive, don't you?

15. Be active.

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An active life is a healthy life.

16. Find a hobby.

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Do what you love! Be passionate!

17. And, most importantly: W is for Wumbo.

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Come on, you know: I wumbo, you wumbo, he/she/me wumbo. Wumbo, wumboing, we'll have thee wumbo, wumborama... Wumbology, the study of wumbo! It's first grade.

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