15 Feisty Ways To Insult People Like A Disney Character

If you’re not using cartoons to drive a point home, you’re just not doing it right.

1. If someone is getting a little too cocky, pull out some Tangled:

The Walt Disney Company / Via disneyvillains.net

Accompanying gesture: Laugh heartily with your hand on your heart

2. If you hear someone say something just too stupid for words, your perfect response comes from Alice in Wonderland:

The Walt Disney Company / Via alice-in-wonderland.net

Accompanying gesture: The bitchiest of bitchfaces

3. If you have to deal with a group of jerks, quote Mrs. Banks from Mary Poppins:

The Walt Disney Company / Via btchflcks.com

Accompanying gesture: Speak gracefully over your shoulder while you walk away like royalty

4. If someone is acting like a major bitch, bring out your inner Seven Dwarfs:

The Walt Disney Company / Via fbider.com

Accompanying gesture: Sarcastic finger-wagging sass

5. If a total loser is hitting on you, channel Emperor Kuzco:

The Walt Disney Company / Via tenplay.com.au

Accompanying gesture: Elevator eyes with a pitying smile

6. If some misogynistic prick won’t leave you alone, do as Esmeralda does:

The Walt Disney Company / Via fanpop.com

Accompanying gesture: Kind eyes, bitchy smile

7. If a complete idiot is yapping your ear off, reach into your Oliver and Company arsenal:

The Walt Disney Company / Via disney.wikia.com

Accompanying gesture: Casually polish your nails on your shirt while making direct eye contact

8. If someone just won’t let their feelings show, use this gem from Tarzan:

The Walt Disney Company / Via disney.wikia.com

Accompanying gesture: Soap opera level drama- exasperated hands, massive shrugs, pacing, etc

9. If you just can’t deal with someone right now, let Hades do the talking:

The Walt Disney Company / Via allthatsepic.com

Accompanying gesture: Talk to the hand

10. If a pretentious ass won’t back off, Beauty and the Beast offers the perfect quip:

The Walt Disney Company / Via thebutchersgotbeef.blogspot.com

Accompanying gesture: The best, most attractive sneer you can manage

Extra points ‘cause they probably won’t know what ‘primeval’ means.

11. If you just can’t wrap your head around someone’s stupidity, there’s only one thing to say:

The Walt Disney Story / Via instiz.net

Accompanying gesture: The slightest of condescending head-shakes

12. If someone just isn’t catching your drift, Timon knows the feeling:

The Walt Disney Company / Via risovach.ru

Accompanying gesture: A coddling smile, as if you’re addressing a small child

13. If your least favorite person refuses to stop talking, Treasure Planet’s Captain Amelia can put the words right in your mouth:

The Walt Disney Company / Via markb4.wordpress.com

Accompanying gesture: The sweetest smile you can muster

14. If someone mistakenly thinks they’re a total boss-ass bitch, let Mushu’s snark shine:

The Walt Disney Company / Via quizz.biz

Accompanying gesture: Liz Lemon-style eye roll

15. And if you have to deal with people in general, there’s only one quote that speaks true:

The Walt Disney Company / Via s1243.photobucket.com

Accompanying gesture: The facepalm to end all facepalms

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