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15 Of The Most Shocking Exchanges From The "Bye Felipe" Instagram

"You are not a person to me, just an object." This is just one of the many reasons we need feminism.

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"Bye Felipe" is an Instagram account created by Alexandra Tweten to document and draw attention to the hostility and abuse women face simply for telling a man "no."

It's true that #notallmen are Felipes, but every woman online has gotten hostile messages from one.

The account collects user-submitted screenshots of conversations they have with men on various online platforms, with the goal of "calling out dudes who turn hostile when rejected or ignored," as stated in the account's bio.

Do I realize that all guys aren't assholes? Yes. But the ones who demean women should be put on blast.

Some of the hostility and aggression is truly appalling, and exposes the horrifying misogyny that still exists in our society.

2. "My brain is about two of your brains"

3. "I'll just force you to suck my dick"

5. "You're not a person to me, just an object."

7. "I hope your family will die ASAP"

The French translates roughly to "Go fuck yourself, fat bitch."

9. "I don't even consider you as a person"

10. "I meant you're a fat fuck"

11. "btw I like knives too"

12. "I would beat the living shit out of you"

13. "People like you are the reason Columbine happened."

14. "I was gna fuck u and chuck u"

15. "Fuck you you little princess"


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