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    15 Gorgeous Welsh Proverbs By Which To Live Your Life

    Cymru am byth. Wales forever.

    *All pronunciations are approximated.*

    There are sounds in Welsh that are almost impossible to transcribe into English.


    Via Flickr: leshaines123

    Welsh: "Adar o'r unlliw, ehedant i'r unlle."

    Approximate pronunciation: adar or un-hloo, eh-haydant eer un-hlay

    Translation: "Birds of the same color fly to the same place."


    Via Flickr: flissphil

    Welsh: "Adfyd a ddwg wybodaeth, a gwybodaeth ddoethineb."

    Approximate pronunciation: advid a thoog wee-boh-dyth, a gwee-boh-dyth thoy-thin-eb

    Translation: "Adversity brings knowledge, and knowledge wisdom."


    Via Flickr: theodorescott

    Welsh: "Gwna dda dros ddrwg, uffern ni'th ddwg."

    Approximate pronunciation: goona tha dros throog, ee-fairn neeth thoog

    Translation: "Repay evil with good and hell will not claim you."


    Via Flickr: markhillary

    Welsh: "Rhaid cropian cyn cerdded."

    Approximate pronunciation: hride croh-pee-an kyun kair-thed

    Translation: "You must crawl before walking."


    Via Flickr: 300tdorg

    Welsh: "Bûm gall unwaith: hynny oedd, llefain pan ym ganed."

    Approximate pronunciation: beem gath een-wyth: hunnih oyth, hlay-vine pan um gah-ned

    Translation: "I was wise once: when I was born, I cried."

    6. Cartref yw cartref, er tloted y bo.

    Via Flickr: spanner

    Welsh: "Cartref yw cartref, er tloted y bo."

    Approximate pronunciation: car-trev yew car-trev, air tloh-ted uh boh

    Translation: "Home is home, no matter how poor it may be."


    Via Flickr: rogdavies

    Welsh: "Deuparth gwaith yw ei ddechrau."

    Approximate pronunciation: day-parth gwyth yew ay theh-cry

    Translation: "Starting the work is two-thirds of it."


    Via Flickr: ben124

    Welsh: "Digrif gan bob aderyn ei lais ei hun."

    Approximate pronunciation: dee-greev gan bohb a-dair-in ay lice ay heen

    Translation: "Every bird enjoys his own voice."


    Via Flickr: leshaines123

    Welsh: "Gorau adnabod, d'adnabod dy hun."

    Approximate pronunciation: gor-eye ad-na-bohd, dad-na-bohd duh heen

    Translation: "The best knowledge is knowledge of oneself."


    Via Flickr: 28438417@N08

    Welsh: "Nid aur yw popeth melyn."

    Approximate pronunciation: need eye-r yew poh-peth meh-lun

    Translation: "Everything that glitters is not gold."


    Via Flickr: rogdavies

    Welsh: "Dywed yn dda am dy gyfaill, am dy elyn dywed ddim."

    Approximate pronunciation: dyoo-ed un tha ahm duh guh-vyth, ahm duh eh-lun dyoo-ed theem

    Translation: "Speak well of your friend, say nothing of your enemy."


    Via Flickr: eregis

    Welsh: "Gormod o bwdin dagith gi."

    Approximate pronunciation: gohr-mohd oh booh-deen dah-geeth gee

    Translation: "Too much pudding will choke a dog."


    Via Flickr: jixxer

    Welsh: "Hawdd yw hi, i fod yn ddewr o tu nôl i mur."

    Approximate pronunciation: howth yew hee, ee vohd un thewr oh tee nohl ee meer

    Translation: "It is easy to be brave from behind a wall."


    Via Flickr: jixxer

    Welsh: "Po callaf y dyn, anamlaf ei eiriau."

    Approximate pronunciation: poh cah-lahv uh dun, ah-nahm-lahv eye eh-ree-eye

    Translation: "The wiser the man, the fewer his words.


    Via Flickr: roberthaandrikman

    Welsh: "Benthyg dros amser byr yw popeth a geir yn y byd hwn."

    Approximate pronunciation: behn-thug dros ahm-sehr bur yew poh-peth ah gehr un uh bud hoon

    Translation: "Everything you have in this world is only borrowed for a short time."

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