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The Best Nyjer Morgan (AKA Tony Plush) Post-Game Interviews

Nyjer Morgan is becoming a post-game interview legend in Milwaukee. Sometimes he answers the questions that are directed at him, sometimes he just flips on his alter ego "Tony Plush" and starts causing an on-camera ruckus.

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  • Brewers outfielder Nyjer Morgan has become really popular in Milwaukee for his alter ego, Tony Plush...

    Will Tony Plush shine on the Postseason stage? Tune in to the Division Series on TBS (include schedule details as they come in) and join the Postseason debate at

  • Here Nyjer Morgan, aka "Tony Plush," aka "Tony Gumbo," discusses his "Plushdamentals," which helped him "tickle" a game-winning base hit into the outfield.

  • Part of the Tony Plush mystique is the Tony Plush "T" - as in "You see it?! You see it?! Throwin' up the 'T'!!!" ~ Nyjer Morgan.

  • Nyjer: Do it! Fielder: Thank you. Nyjer: Ahhh, gotta go! Something whimsical about that exchange.

  • Take note: Kids aspiring to play in the majors. This is how to congratulate yourself for a career-high four home run season.

  • Which hitter will rise up in the clutch this Postseason? Be sure to watch the 2011 MLB Postseason on Fox and TBS to find out. Legends are born in October.

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