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Facebook Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary With “Look Back” Videos

Today, Facebook turns 10 years old, and to celebrate, they’ve given all their users personalized retrospective videos.

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Every Facebook user can go to and check out some highlights from their profile in the form of a one minute slideshow set to customer service line hold music.

The videos are not necessarily an accurate representation of your Facebook experience, however. If you joined back when it was still called "the Facebook" and was limited to college students, expect posts from around that time to be sparse. Anyone who joined Facebook in middle school can expect it to drag up their most embarrassingly bad status updates, unfortunate profile pictures and outdated internet memes from the depths of their adolescence.

Also, do not be surprised if a status or picture you posted that you actually thought was worth remembering goes unnoticed by Facebook's wayback machine. The internal logic of its sorting algorithm for what is worth "looking back" at obtuse at best.

Minor complaints aside, though, we would all like to wish Facebook a very happy birthday. In an industry where, if companies were people, most startups would have dropped out before the 4th grade, Facebook has established itself as a game-changer, an empire, and a lasting force in the industry. Here's to another 10!

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