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Behind The Scenes With "12 Years A Slave" Actor Rob Steinberg

“12 Years a Slave” opens in select cities, including Washington DC on Friday. It opens nationally November 1.

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Actor Rob Steinberg talks about what it's like to be on the set with Brad Pitt, Michael Fassbender, Paul Giamatti and the cast of the critically acclaimed "12 Years a Slave." Produced by Pitt and directed by Steve McQueen, the film tells the incredible true story of Solomon Northup, a free black man from New York who was abducted and sold into slavery in 1841. Northrup was forced to work on plantations in Louisiana until a chance meeting with an abolitionist, played by Pitt, led to his release and freedom. In a pivotal role, Steinberg plays shopkeeper Cephas Parker, whose actions help decide Northup's fate.

In this Behind the Scenes Skype interview, Steinberg, an actor, producer and writer, discusses his career from preparing for a major film role like this, to his early days on the set of Die Hard 2. With almost 60 credits to his name, a recurring role on the HBO hit series Treme, and a role in two movies, "!2 Years a Slave" and "Grace Unplugged" currently playing in theaters, Steinberg shares some great stories of a long and successful career. Among one of his favorites is the time that rock superstar Jon Bon Jovi recognized him in a bar as "the guy from Die Hard 2!

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