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The Only Mad Men Season 7 Conspiracy Theory Available To Contemplate At This Point

This one packs major heat.

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This is a new teaser for the final season of Mad Men, a Brady Bunch-inspired jigsaw puzzle of knowing smiles and distant contemplation saturated in bubblegum deliciousness of a 1970's daydream.

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Sally Draper: "I thuppothe dadsth have penithesth too."

Megan Calvet-Draper: "I've moved on to better things, like drinking on patios and wearing belly shirts."

Joan Holloway: "I'd hit that.. IF I WERE BASIC."

Roger Sterling: "I have hit that. Man, the 70's are AWESOME."

Pete Campbell: "Meh. I've seen better."

Don Draper: "Ugh. Y u so obsessed with me?' #SMDH"

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