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9 Essential Paul McCartney Moments From The FourFiveSeconds Music Video

"Will this be available on 8-track?"

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Paul McCartney's collaboration with Kanye West and Rihanna on FourFiveSeconds, a single from RiRi's upcoming album, just might be the most unexpected musical mash-up since Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and Phil Collins gave us "Home".

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Here are nine moments from the song's music video that suggest Sir Paul himself was not entirely sure what to do with this situation either.

1. When Paul McCartney didn’t hear the director call ‘action’ and kept practicing Stairway to Heaven.

Via Mia Lardiere

2. When Paul McCartney discovered a Keebler Elf living inside of his guitar.

Via Mia Lardiere

"How did ya get in there, lil buddy?!"

3. When Paul McCartney came to terms with the fact that he would be missing Shonda Thursday after catching a glimpse of the clock on set.

Via Mia Lardiere

4. When Paul McCartney used one take to show off his Guitar Hero moves.

Via Mia Lardiere

5. When Paul McCartney realized that it was Rihanna who stole his sheer Red Carpet *lewk*.

Via Mia Lardiere


6. When Paul McCartney tried to win Kanye West over using Kim Kardashian selfie lips.

Via Mia Lardiere

7. When Paul McCartney upstaged Kanye’s manic dance moves with a single hair flip.

Via Mia Lardiere

8. When Paul McCartney had to beg for his Keebler Elf to Stay.

Via Mia Lardiere


9. When, simultaneously, Paul McCartney finally got into his ~zone~ and the director called it quits, realizing that this concept seemed exponentially better on paper.

Via Mia Lardiere
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