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11 Important Celebrity Food Moments You Missed During The Super Bowl

I can't scroll up. My finger is covered in nacho cheese.

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1. Real Housewife of New Jersey, Caroline Manzo's Giant SANGWICH

2. Ana Gasteyer's Gravity-Defying Taco Dip

3. Sarah Thyre's Gourmet First-Class Airplane Feast

4. Alec Baldwin's Baby Going In On Some Kale Soup

5. Rihanna's Blurry Football Lollipop

6. Bobbi Brown's Polarizing Spread of Sushi AND Wings

7. Jesse Tyler Ferguson's Beautiful, Yet Complete Disregard Of Traditional Super Bowl Noms

8. Aaron Paul's Heavily Filtered "Super Juice"

9. Derek Blasberg's Down-Home Hungry Man Dessert

10. Chrissy Teigen Eating A Hot Dog

11. And Ryan Seacrest Eating A Real Dog
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