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9 Dishes For The Ultimate Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving: (noun): a Thanksgiving feast held by and for someone's friends. Popular among college students and young professionals who can't make it home for the holidays.

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If you can't make it home for Thanksgiving, or if you're just avoiding your crazy relatives, you may consider having a Friendsgiving celebration. The idea seems great at first - until you realize that you're a probably a college student with limited to average cooking skills (Easy Mac doesn't count). Here are some easy and quick recipes you can bring to your Friendsgiving celebration to make your squad love you even more than they already do.

The Centerfold of the Meal…Turkey

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Turkey is essential to every Thanksgiving meal. While it may seem daunting to a college student to cook a 20 pound turkey, we found a quick and easy recipe that requires only 20 minutes of prep time and just a handful of ingredients. Gobble Gobble.



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Everyone loves a good cheese biscuit. Oddly enough the tastiest cheese biscuit we came across in our research comes from Red Lobster. They sell their cheese biscuit baking mix at most major grocery stores. These delicious biscuits cost about $5 and will feed the whole bunch. So pick one up from your local market, follow the directions on the box, and enjoy!


For a total of $87, this meal is super affordable for the average college student. Split these recipes up with your squad and you'll have a great Friendsgiving dinner that'll leave you satisfied without breaking the bank!

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