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10 Stories Not To Share At Thanksgiving Dinner When Asked How Your Semester Is Going

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, we all know the great food comes with a price: questions from family. Here's a guide of what not to mention when asked how your semester's going.

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1. That one time you called your mom and threatened to drop out, then did it again every week.

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2. The number of times you've donated plasma for beer money.

3. When you matched with your Brit Lit professor on Tindr.

4. The week you consumed nothing but coffee and ramen noodles.

5. The time you drunkenly made out with three people in the same bar, and then spent the night with someone else.

6. That you now accept exam grades that would have sent you into a crying spiral in high school.

7. When you woke up to see only $4.83 in your bank account a week before payday.

8. How you only went to church the first Sunday of the semester to get the free t-shirt.

9. That you watched Netflix instead of the election coverage to keep yourself from sobbing all night long.

10. When you went through three bags of candy, an entire bag of coffee grounds, and two large pizzas to stay awake studying for your four exams you had last Tuesday.

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