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    18 Ways To Stay In Shape While In College

    Learn the best ways to stay in shape while keeping up with your busy schedule!

    1. Get Enough Sleep

    2. Drink Water

    3. Use the gym!

    4. Learn to portion control your meals

    5. Play a sport

    6. Walk Rather than Drive around

    7. Have a workout buddy!

    8. Take advantage of free workout classes offered by the university

    9. Don’t have time for the gym? Plan a week's worth of workouts and incorporate it into your week!

    10. Can’t keep up with a simple workout schedule? Use your planner!

    11. Take the stairs!

    12. Minimize your alcohol intake

    13. Stay away from sugary and processed foods

    14. Squeeze in some exercises while studying

    15. Bring your gym attire to class with you

    16. Leave a yoga mat in your Dorm room

    17. Watch exercise videos

    18. Have a Routine