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    18 Ways To Stay In Shape While In College

    Learn the best ways to stay in shape while keeping up with your busy schedule!

    1. Get Enough Sleep

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    Try to get at least 6-8 hours of sleep a night.

    2. Drink Water


    Make sure you stay properly hydrated throughout the day. Try drinking half your weight in oz of water per day. Ex: If you weigh 160 drink approximately 80 oz of water throughout the day, not all at once.

    3. Use the gym!


    One of the easiest ways to stay in shape is to use the FREE gyms on campus.

    4. Learn to portion control your meals


    Most people actually eat more than they really need to - by portion controlling your meals, you prevent yourself from overeating. Try to listen to your body, for it’s hunger cues and when it is full. If you eat slower, your brain has more time to process when you are full. This will prevent you from eating too much before your brain can process your full.

    5. Play a sport


    Most schools have intramural or club teams for students. It’s fun and allows you to be around like minded people.

    6. Walk Rather than Drive around


    Even if it’s a short distance, all that walking adds up! Using a fitbit is a fun way

    To track your steps and see how all that walking really benefits your health.

    7. Have a workout buddy!

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    Working out by yourself can get pretty boring. Having a buddy makes it more fun and allows you to be able to do different types of workouts that may require a spotter. Sign up for a yoga class together or go to a cycling class!

    8. Take advantage of free workout classes offered by the university


    First of all, it’s free! It’s also a good way for you to try new workouts that are different than your regular routine. Classes that most universities offer are things like yoga or zumba (which actually cost a lot outside of the school).

    9. Don’t have time for the gym? Plan a week's worth of workouts and incorporate it into your week!


    If you find yourself creating excuses for not working out, like the gym is too far from your dorm or you don’t have time because of classes and homework, - Try to incorporate these short workouts on your homework break instead of flipping through your newsfeed for 15 minutes, do a quick workout!

    10. Can’t keep up with a simple workout schedule? Use your planner!


    If you find yourself having trouble keeping up with a consistent workout schedule, try to set yourself mini-weekly goals in your planner! Even write down some smaller workouts under your tasks/homework of the day!

    11. Take the stairs!


    You can burn more calories and stay in constant motion if you take the stairs instead of waiting on an elevator. Some days even try running up the stairs for extra cardio!

    12. Minimize your alcohol intake


    Drinking alcohol severely diminishes one's ability to perform exercise the next day. Because alcohol is so hard on the kidney’s, drinking will have a negative impact on your body and hydration levels for up to 48hrs. Alcohol also hurts the absorption of protein in the body. Alcohol limits one’s carbohydrate metabolism. Which means that one is more likely to fatigue much sooner than others.

    13. Stay away from sugary and processed foods


    When you eat sugar your body converts it to fat. Too much sugar intake increases one's chance of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and many more. The more a food is refined or processed, the more sugar that it has in it. Stay away from frozen foods such as t.v. dinners, bagel bites, and poptarts. You will notice a significant difference in your energy levels.

    14. Squeeze in some exercises while studying


    While you're doing cardio on the treadmill, bring your class notes and do a little studying. This is a great way to stimulate your mind while doing cardiovascular exercises too. When your in your dorm room studying, take a break and do some pushups or situps. This is a good way to take a break from your studies and burn some calories at the same time.

    15. Bring your gym attire to class with you


    Wear your gym clothes to class so that you can go straight from class to the gym. Also, if you take any pre-workout supplement bring it with you so that you can take it right when you get out of class. So you'll be ready to go!!

    16. Leave a yoga mat in your Dorm room


    It's good to keep a yoga mat accessible and visible in your room because you will be more likely to use it. If your watching t.v. for a long period of time in your room, get on your yoga mat and do some crunches, pushups, squats for a quick 20 mins. Yoga mats will motivate you to workout.

    17. Watch exercise videos


    Many people do not go to the gym because they do not know what to do. Watch several different exercise videos while in class or on the go so that your comfortable when you get in there. After you have established great workout regimens, continue to watch new videos so that you can change up your workout some so that you do not get bored with it. There are plenty of free workouts on youtube you can do right from your computer!

    18. Have a Routine


    As a college student it can be hard to manage you time with all of your classes, exams, work, and clubs that take up most of your time. But, if you plan your days in advance and get on a great routine, then you will be more likely to go to the gym. Something as simple as meal prepping can save you a lot of time and money.

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