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    • mkmkmk

      I agree that this obsession isn’t healthy, just like American girls’ obsessions with tans, blonde hair, etc (stereotypical american beauty norms…saying nothing about how true this is for every single person in america, obviously). Obsession with any beauty standard in any culture is unhealthy and terrible for individuality and self-esteem. anyhow,Ididn’t watch the video since i’m inaplace where it’d be rude to do so, but even if that girl points at the western girl and says she wants to look like her, one shouldn’t extrapolate and say that it means “OMG SHE WANTS TO LOOK WHITE” that girl merely has the features she wants. double eyelids and pale skin are extremely common to white people. if this wereatanned white girl, thenidoubt she’d say exactly that. if there happened to beapale korean girl with double eyelids and small face etc, she’d probably point to her and say she wanted to look like her. seriously, the mindset in asian countries is not to look white (very often. in every country, there are of course, people that will stray from the norm). it’s to obtainabeauty ideal. indian women also wish to be paler according to their beauty norms. it has nothing to do with wanting to look white.

    • mkmkmk

      Most koreans don’t want to look Western. I’m so sick of Western people thinking it’s always about emulating them. These beauty standards have been around for a verrrry long time, way before the Westernization of cultures/the world. It has nothing to do with wanting to look white. Plus, by that logic, I’m sure white women want to look black/Middle Eastern when they’re tanning; asian when they want to remove wrinkles, etc.

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