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8 Reasons You Should Travel With UTM Abroad!

Are you a student at UTM who likes to travel but can't seem to find the time or money for it? Well, look no further than to UTM Abroad. We are here to bring travel experiences right to your door step.

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2. Unique Themes in Unique Locations

UTM Abroad

Each experience comes with its own theme, learn about health care and traditional medicine (Peru), alternative tourism (Thailand), woman leadership and gender rights (Ghana), grassroots education (India) or fair trade and indigenous rights (Guatemala).

3. Life is never dull in the markets of India!

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We currently offer co-curricular experiences in South America, Africa and Asia and hope to expand to many other countries!

4. Hug an elephant in Thailand and you'll forget all about that report you didn't start until the night before it was due!

UTM Abroad

We don't only offer experiences in the reading weeks (October and February) but we also have several experiences that happen right after the April exam period. We can't think of a better way to say hello to your summer holidays!

5. Choosing a fun filled experience like this cat is any easy choice over staying at home...

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Not only do we have co-curricular experiences but we also offer several courses with travel experiences, and will be introducing way more in the coming years! Currently we have courses where you travel to Italy and the Bahamas and and we are expanding to include England, France, Germany and Poland.

Imagine yourself romin' through Rome...

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Take a UTM course and travel abroad with your professor and classmates. Learn about Italian history and cuisine in class and immerse yourself in Italian culture by going abroad. Interested? Check out ITA235 - Cucina Italiana: Italian History and Culture Through Food.

Crystal clear blue oceans are not what I imagined when I came to UTM...

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Interested in research? Need a tropical get away from all the university stresses? Check out our experience in the Bahamas in partnership with the UTM course UTM290.

7. We travel in groups, groups with enthusiastic students and leaders, groups where we have some of the greatest moments of our lives!

UTM Abroad

We understand travelling can get expensive and so we do have bursaries that students can apply for that are based on financial need.

8. We can bring you to the wonders of the world!

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When you're a student you often don't have a lot of time to do anything but eat, sleep and study. That's what were are here for. We make it possible. We will bring you to where you want to go and we will make it so amazing you won't want to come back.

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