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6 Budgeting Tips For The Travelling Student

Are you wanderlust? Is exploring in your blood? Oh wait you're also a student, a student with loans upon loans...Check out these budgeting tips to help you plan a trip so that instead of staying at home in the break watching Netflix, you will be circumferencing the globe, student loans and all.

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As students we all have one thing in, or lack there of

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Your friends mention the tropical vacations they went on while you sat at home binge watching Stranger Things

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Here are some tips to make you go from this...

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To this...

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A student who is able to travel and can now one up your friends' tropical getaway stories!

1. Whatever you do, don't spend all your money on food at school!

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Yes you get hungry, and yes a burrito bowl sounds nice, but pack a lunch at home! On average a student spends between $10- $20 a week on food and drinks. Imagine if you didn't spend that but instead put it away for travelling?!? You would have over almost $500 by the end of the school year.

2. Ask for help, you'd be surprised!

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Don't necessarily ask people for money, but what about food, or second hand things (for example I borrow my dad's hiking backpack whenever I need it). My mum is happy to help me out when I need first aid supplies to make a first aid kit, she gets me everything from band-aids and Polysporin to re-hydration salts. Go to parents, friends and family, or even sources at your school. People are generally willing to help you out.

3. Make a school and travel budget

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When you sit down and write out how much money you have, how much you have coming in from jobs/loans/grants and how much is going out to pay things like bills and tuition, it will already be easier for you to to not spend on unnecessary items and will also allow you to put aside a bit every so often to put towards travelling.

4. When you stay in hotels always collect the soaps and toothpastes they provide!

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Hotels usually have soaps, shampoos and toothpaste. If you go or someone you know is going to one, ask them to bring the stuff they don't use with them and voila you have free hygiene products! I also find the little shampoo bottles are the perfect size for travelling and when you finish the shampoo in them, save the bottle and just refill for another trip.

5. Depending on the Country, BARTER!

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Many countries have amazing markets with colourful products and delicious food. When locals notice you're a tourist they hike up the price right away. Make sure to learn enough of the countries language so that you can barter and end up not spending too much.

6. Travel light

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The heavier your luggage gets, the more chance there is of you having to pay more for the extra weight/space it takes up. So pack only the necessities!

These are just a few of many tips that can help you achieve your travelling dreams


Remember that saving a bit here and there and planning ahead can get you one step closer to your travelling dreams and goals.

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