Super Bowl-Worthy Commercials To Hold You Over Until February 2nd

Forget the football—true TV junkies know that Super Bowl Sunday is all about the commercials. To get you pumped for the best advertising day of the year, here are some recent commercials worthy of the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

1. It’s Not Complicated: “Cutest Grape” - AT&T

This commercial is Super Bowl-worthy for multiple reasons. Not only does the little girl absolutely win the award for cutest kid, but the guy talking to her deserves an Oscar for holding in his laughter. Watch it once, and you won’t be able to get the phrase “kin-de-gah-ten” out of your head all day.

2. Mom Song - Old Spice

Old Spice always gives us memorable commercials, and this one is no exception…it’s just a little creepier than usual. Instead of an attractive man on a horse, this commercial features moms’ heads popping out of the sand and growing out of janitors as they lament the fact that their little boys are all grown up. Bonus: It’s also a song.

3. Thank You Mom - P&G

Another commercial about moms, but much less likely to give you nightmares. This P&G commercial accomplishes a whole lot in a short time span: it will make you tear up, call your mother, hit the gym and get incredibly psyched about the upcoming Winter Olympics (not necessarily that order).

4. The Ultimate Garbage Men - Hefty

Anyone who doesn’t think trash can be attractive clearly hasn’t seen this commercial. The tagline, “trash day never looked better” is brought to life with a cast of male-models-turned-garbage-men who will make you wish every day was trash day. The fact that the commercial clearly doesn’t take itself too seriously makes it even funnier.

5. Best Friend - Google

If you have a dog, this commercial will make you cry. No exceptions. Watching the tough college kid show his soft side as he tries to get home to his best friend is heart-melting, and you’ll be a teary mess by the end. Watch this one curled up on the couch with your dog, and don’t forget the tissues.

6. Princess Machine - GoldieBlox

If the dog commercial got you down, this GoldieBlox commercial is sure to lift you right back up. Whether or not you’re into engineering, the combination of talented little girls, an incredible Rube Goldberg “Princess Machine” and a catchy tune is a winning one that will leave you feeling empowered and cheering for Girl Power.

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