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Love True Crime? These Are The Top 5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To.

Have you noticed that true crime is, like, a thing now? You've probably hopped on the Serial train, but here are five lesser-known true crime Podcasts that deserve your attention immediately!

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5. Stranglers

Stranglers / Via Stitcher

In the early 1960's, someone murdered 13 women in Boston. One of the most iconic serial killers of the last century, the true identity of the Boston Strangler remains a mystery, despite a famous confession. Listen as Portland Helmich and her team tell the story from the inside, hitting the right balance of force, tenderness, and journalistic professionalism.

4. Sworn

Sworn Podcast / Via Twitter

Brought to you by the same team that does Up and Vanished (Spoilers! See #3 on this list!), Sworn goes deep into the law and consequences of individual criminal cases. This one is less about the mystery and more about the legal proceedings, which is refreshing and still very interesting. Phillip Holloway is the man behind the curtain on this one, and with his background as a defense attorney and prosecutor, you're sure to get an insider's view.

3. Up and Vanished

Up and Vanished / Via Up and Vanished

In 2005, a beloved teacher and beauty queen went missing from Ocilla, Georgia. She was never found, and her case went all-but-cold. Then, ten years later, documentary film maker, Payne Lindsey, began the hunt to find Tara's assumed killer with two goals at the forefront: to bring her family closure and to bring those responsible for her disappearance to justice. Whatever you do, do NOT Google this case before you listen. You're going to want to hear the whole thing unfold, as Payne Lindsey lovingly brutalizes the people of Irwin County, Georgia for the truth.

2. Crime In Sports

Crime In Sports / Via Twitter

Not for the faint of heart, and not necessarily for sports lovers, comedians and self-proclaimed a-holes James Pietragallo and Jimmie Whisman mercilessly bash criminal athletes who rose to the mountaintops only to ruin their lives and the lives of those around them. James and Jimmie will be the first to say this, but if you don't think comedy and true crime belong together, this isn't the podcast for you. They show nothing but sympathy for the victims of the crimes, but you will be crying from laughter as they provide a profane play-by-play of just how moronic these athletes were.

1. Small Town Murder

Small Town Murder / Via audioboom

From the same chuckleheads who bring you Crime In Sports (#2 on this list!), Small Town Murder is an irreverent look into small town life and the crimes that destroy its white picket fences. Making fun of everything from demographics and real estate to ill-conceived criminal plots, Jimmie and James will have you walking into the office late because you needed five extra minutes with their podcast. These guys know how to keep the intrigue in true crime while making the gory details a little more bearable.

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