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    Posted on Apr 7, 2015

    9 Couples From "The Vampire Diaries" You've Probably Forgotten About

    Because not every relationship divides the fandom like Elena/Stefan vs Elena/Damon.

    Yesterday, The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev took to Instagram to announce her departure from the show.

    Since Elena Gilbert will be leaving Mystic Falls at the end of Season Six, and will somehow have to finally choose between Damon and Stefan, let's take a stroll down memory lane at some of the, maybe, forgotten romances of The Vampire Diaries.

    1. Jeremy Gilbert and Vicki Donovan


    Remember this paring from Season 1? Back when Jeremy was in a very drawn-out emo/drugged out phase and Vicki was, well alive? This short but sweet romance primarily consisted of drugs and sex but, hey, that's life.

    2. Stefan Salvatore and Rebekah Mikaelson


    Okay, well this one technically happened off-screen in the 1920s, before the series starts. And while they do have a little fling in Season 4, it's hard to believe that their relationship was ever romantic.

    3. Jeremy Gilbert and Anna Zhu


    Remember Anna, the vampire Jeremy dated after Vicki in Season 1? They were so in love and she was exactly what Jeremy needed to pull himself together--until Uncle John Gilbert staked her.

    Man, Season 1 was not forgiving to Jeremy

    4. Matt Donovan and Elena Gilbert


    Can you believe that the series starts with them having just broken up? It goes to show that the series as progressed so much since then.

    5. Tyler Lockwood and Vicki Donovan


    Man, in the 7 episodes she was a series regular, Vicki kept herself busy! After breaking things off with Jeremy, VIcki started dating Tyler, for a second time. Their relationship was anything but healthy and ended pretty quickly when Vicki is turned into a vampire by Damon and staked by Stefan. #TBT to Tyler's especially doucehy days

    6. Damon Salvatore and Caroline Forbes


    Remember back in Season 1 when Caroline was a vapid moron? Also remember when Damon had no humanity and caused chaos within Mystic Falls? That's when these two were hooking up, mostly so Damon could have a blood-source. Glad they've progressed as humans--er--vampires.

    7. Caroline Forbes and Matt Donovan


    They dated at the end of Season 1 and throughout Season 2. Caroline started out a vapid character and grew into a vampire while Matt remained blissfully clueless. I still want them to get back together. *crosses fingers*

    8. Bonnie Bennett and Ben


    Bonnie was a high schooler just looking for love. Ben was just a bartender turned vampire working as one of Anna's minions. Their romance was fleeting but Ben's looks will live on forever.



    *swoons over Sean Faris in Never back down*

    9. Alaric Saltzman and Jenna Sommers


    Okay, well nobody should be forgetting about this one, I mean it essentially sets up the relationships Alaric has with the Gilbert sibs and co. but it's almost heartbreaking that it ended comparatively early within the series. Also why does everyone, including Alaric, get to come back to life but Aunt Jenna doesn't? Someone explain that to me!

    Time to re-watch the series in preparation to saying goodbye to our favorite indecisive vampire, Elena Gilbert.

    We'll miss you!

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