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  • Wiley

    Wiley is my li’l corgi buddy, and possibly the happiest dog on earth. He likes pillows. The more, the better. He will rearrange them until he has them exactly how he likes them, and then he will sleep in the most adorable way imaginable.

  • Murtle the Turtle

    Thanks to a local fisherman’s kindness, Murtle the turtle is back home, fishing hook-free and happy. Kinda brings a tear to your eye.

  • Nick Madson Is A Failure Pile In A Sadness Bowl

    Meet Nick Madson, the new Dane Cook. He was caught stealing bits from famous (and much better) comedians, including a verbatim ripoff of Patton Oswalt’s Famous Bowls bit. Follow the link to read Patton’s blistering response to this tool. Patton fans unite! Join the Facebook group, Nick Madson Is A Failure Pile In A Sadness Bowl:!/group.php?gid=122636127748013

  • Leno’s Version of Events

    This is a transcript of Leno’s monologue from tonight, January 18. It’s so cute how he tries to pretend he’s totally blameless…

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