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    Posted on Jul 30, 2017

    10 Things To Remember From Modding Cars In The 1990s

    Your first car will always be one of the most treasured things in your life. Even after 18 years or so, I would trade my current car for my beloved Ford Escort. Yes, it wasn't all lease cars and posh modern motors in the 90s, and these are the essentials for anyone recounting those long summers and expensive MOTs.

    10. Before even thinking about mods, pulling out the manual choke was the first essential task on those cold (and warm) mornings to start the car


    Pah, kids today! Getting in their cars, turning the key and expecting it to start straight away! They will never know the routine of pulling out the choke, turning the key (in the way that only you could) and hearing that beast of an 1100cc firing up.

    9. Taking the badges off your boot was essential, especially the ones that said the engine size


    Flushed boots and debadged grilles were the order of the day, and if you had anything less than a 1600cc car, then boy you had better get your mum's hairdryer ready to get them off. There was an exception though...

    8. Though adding certain badges was deemed acceptable


    Pointing out that your car was a 16V was encouraged (even if it was 8V), this Saxo badge used to pop up on many cars.

    7. Visiting the scrapyard = Treasure Hunt time!


    Visiting your local scrappy was a great chance to find a unique mod for your car. Will that Scenic splitter fit onto my Fiesta? With a jigsaw, filler and some help from Jesus it will!

    6. TSW Venoms, that is all

    5. A cruise in the car park of your local retail park was the place to be seen

    Fast Car Magazine / Via

    We all spent many days shining up the ride to show off to your mates and random strangers. Once you arrive in the car park with military precision, then it's time to get your speakers bumping (not too much, think of your battery) and stay close to that one guy with a shortwave radio/scanner who kept a listen out for the local constabulary.

    4. Producers, remember them?


    No not the guys who make TV shows, those little bits of paper that the Police gave you to take your documents (that you could never find) to the local cop shop.

    3. Max Power, Fast Car and Redline were absolutely essential reading


    Great for ideas and for wasting money on add-on bits from the back pages.

    You could also always flick over the page to the kitted up Renault 5 if your mum or girlfriend walked in, rather than reading more about Chantelle's bra size and favourite position.

    2. Furry dice weren't chavvy...

    ...they were lucky!

    1. We may have been worried about the Millennium Bug in 1999, but at least we didn't have to come until 9pm thanks to ATB!


    Toca's Miracle and Better Off Alone were also big anthems in 1999!

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