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Zombie-Proof Condos Sell Out In Kansas

We're doomed.

The condos are located in Concordia, Kansas in an old missile silo.

The silo was built to withstand a nuclear explosion and to this day is considered to be "one of the strongest structures built by man". This structure used to be an Atlas "F" missile base. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built these missile bases in the 1960's and there were only 72 of them built.

It has since been converted into condos.

The basics:

The silo includes all infrastructure support for between 36 and 70 people for more than 5 years completely "off-grid".

The concrete walls in the facility are between 2.5 feet and 9 feet thick.

There are two types of residential condos, a Full-Floor layout and a Half-Floor layout. The Full-Floor layouts have approximately 1,820 sq. ft. of living space, while the Half-Floor layouts have approximately 900 sq. ft. of living space.

The Full-Floor layouts are designed for 6 to 10 people and the Half-Floor layouts are designed for 3 to 5 people.

How it works:

The air supply for the entire facility is filtered by Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) filters and the physical air intakes are protected by what are known as blast valves. Blast valves function to prevent an overpressure air wave created by a nearby explosion from entering the facility and killing those inside.

The facility has a three-source (primary plus two backups) water supply and reservoir system that includes a sophisticated purification system that insures the water supply is safe for consumption.


Ownership requires mandatory training and familiarization visits of all members.

The facility has a military grade security system that includes visible spectrum cameras, infrared cameras, proximity sensors, microphones, trip sensors, passive detectors, as well as confidential defensive systems both automated and manually operated.

According to their website, there will also be guns:


Artificial windows, which are actually TVs that can display anything.

Additional amenities include a minor medical/surgery center, an indoor pool with waterfall, a workout room, a home theater, a classroom & library, pub & game room, bulk storage, walk-in freezer, elevator, security & communication control center, spare parts, machine shop, high-speed fiber optic network, both online and offline Internet and computer communications.


But unfortunately all the units are sold out...