Zac Efron Claims To Have Gotten Hit In The Head With A Rake, But The Video Evidence Says Otherwise

    Love you baby, but I don't like being lied to!

    Zac Efron has spent most of the past year in Australia.

    He's spent time with kangaroos.

    He's spent time with dolphins.

    And he's spent time planting aggressively horny thirst traps that could trip up even the holiest of us.

    Zac doing sit-ups shirtless

    My God.

    But now, he's back with something a little different: a video of him getting smacked with a rake.

    Two people standing in a field holding a shovel and a rake

    But here's the thing: I'm pretty sure my 12-ab king isn't exactly telling the truth.

    A woman looking at a computer with a concerned look on her face

    Here's the video in question. I've watched it entirely too many times:

    Let's break this down. Zac walks:

    He hits rake, rake rises:

    An arrow pointing to a rake as it's lifted into the air

    I would like to note that Zac's hand is already up:

    An arrow pointing to Zac's hand

    The rake gets higher up:

    Zac grabs his face...

    ...but like, I'm pretty sure the rake never hit his face:

    Fake. News.

    Zac doubled over in pain

    A stunt queen? I think so.

    Zac kneeling on the ground and holding his face

    So, in conclusion, let me answer this question.

    Zac asked, "Who left the rake here"

    You left the rake there, Zac.

    A woman looking at a lap top and writing on a piece of paper

    Now excuse me while I click back onto the gratuitous 12-pack pictures.